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Gourmet Popcorn Cakes

These luxury cakes are filled to the brim with our celebrated artisan popcorn. Delight your favorite popcorn lovers with a delicious gourmet cake that's perfect for any occasion!

What is Popcorn Cake?

Freshly popped popcorn that slices like a cake with the yummy sensation of a marshmallow treat. We customize each cake with your favorite candy, nuts or dried fruits and finish it off with sprinkles and delicious Ghiradelli drizzle. Each cake is beautifully packaged in clear wrap and topped with a matching bow, because presentation is EVERYTHING!

Our Popcorn Pops and Mini Cakes make the perfect sweet n salty snack that you've been craving, or serve them as hostess gifts and party favors at your next event!



The popcorn cake was so beautiful that we used it as a centerpiece before we used it as a centerpiece before we devoured it!

Karen, VA

I can finally get popcorn the way I like it! Coconut, almonds, and craisins!

Paige Co

OMG! I don’t know what I loved more: the delicious taste or the super cute look! Great conversation starter too!

Maria, GA